Universal Gelcard reader


Product Description

High speed image processing

  • Universal gel card reader with secured interpretation software that is compatible with all types of existing gel cards for blood grouping.
  • The first blood grouping reader with as only power supply the USB
    of your PC:
    • low energy consumption (use of LED technology)
    • worldwide use possible (no power plug problems)
  • High resolution image analysis:
    • detects and interprets “weak” positives reliably
  • Increase your manual workflow due to high speed processing:
    • automatic bar-code reading.
  • Ecological aluminium casing.
Product Details

Increas your manual workflow

  • Remote validation via internet and via handheld devices(e.g. urgent interventions).
  • Connectable with your own middleware. You can replace your old reader and still use your own software.
  • Built-in quality control system.
  • Full patient history.
  • Full traceability of all handling (name, date, time ...).
  • Reagens tracking through lot numbers and expiring dates..
  • Can be used with Vidimplate®.